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Boats & Watercrafts

AAA International Shipping is licensed and bonded Freight Forwarders to ship boats, yachts and all types of watercrafts for dealers, manufacturers and individuals. We export from all major U.S. ports at the East Coast, the West Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

Besides handling your international shipping needs, we offer the following value-added services for your convenience: 

  • Inland Transport – We can provide inland transport from any U.S. location to the port of departure.

  •  Water Deliveries – For boats that are too high to transport to the port of departure by truck we can provide a licensed captain to pilot the boat. A custom made cradle will also be delivered to the port to coincide with the schedule to loading on the vessel.

  •  Cradles & Trailers – A cradle would be necessary if the boat is not equipped with a trailer, which is critical for a secure and safe packaging and shipping of your boat. Whether you need a cradle for a small boat or a large yacht, AAA International Shipping can handle its designed and fabrication from steel and/or wood per boat specifications.

  •  Shrink Wrap – We can provide shrink wrap services for your boat at dock or onsite. Shrink wrap is a must to keep your boat clean and protect from damage and theft.

If you have the need for freight transport, go ahead and create a FREE e-ShipExpress account for all your shipping needs and start saving today. Take the first step by completing our online quote form with no obligations. All requests for quotes are welcome – No restrictions on size, location or destination. We are always just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have – You'll find our agents knowledgeable and glad to help you.

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