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Supply Chain Value-Added Services

Integrated Supply Chain Services .. For All Your Global Challenges  

AAA International Shipping
 offers many of the value added services as required by customer:

Build-to-Order Transforming parts into finished products to accommodate flexible customer orders and requirements. The finished products will be shipped to the final customer. An inventory point (to facilitate the start of the production run) can be strategically located at the start of the manufacturing process close to production.

Packing Providing packing to present your goods to your customers and/or distributors in the best possible way. Packing services include design of outer/retail packing and sourcing of packing materials. 

Repacking Providing flexible and cost effective packing services to meet local markets demand. Most goods are shipped and stored in export packaging means but some requires a change in the packing configuration when goods are sold in local markets.

Assembly Providing assembly services for displays that are essential to attract consumers in the retail channels of local markets.

Benefits of Packing Services Creating economies of scale using buying power, local sourcing, reducing logistics costs, minimizing stock movements, and responding to demands from the local market with agility and efficiency.

Other added-value services are provided per customer's requirements:

  • Inspections and testing
  • Readying
  • Top loading merchandise for maximum container utilization
  • Processing reverse Logistics needs and diverted shipments
  • Demurrage settlements
  • Freight claims
  • Invoicing
  • Call center services
  • Inland distribution (road, rail, and barge) utilizing best available inbound and outbound domestic transportation methods.


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