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Consulting Services

For firms trading overseas but not operating a separate freight transportation management department, AAA International Shipping can assist in solving complex logistical problems which frequently plague international shipping and distract from the firm’s core competency. We are able to advise quotation policies for terms of sale, applications for utilizing letter of credit and other financial instruments, and training of personnel.

Consulting support is a concept which offers considerable benefits to a diverse range of companies. It enables an organization to maximize its internal strengths and allows it to concentrate on its core business of manufacturing and sales.

By outsourcing peripheral activities such as export shipping and other administrative functions, a company can release its organizational time, energy and resources which can then be diverted more efficiently into contract management and customerservice. Outsourcing has an impact on a range of operational and financial procedures and makes dramatic, long term contributions to overall business efficiency.

International trade is directly linked to regulations and compliance issues in the broadest sense. As an international shipping and logistics service provider with global reach, we have a detailed knowledge of the supply chain requirements that enable us to assist our customers on operational and compliance issues at both strategic and tactical levels for a smooth movement of their’ products.